IRC Weather 1.25

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IRC Weather is a mIRC script that can be used to view and display the weather in IRC. It is both similar and different from other scripts you may have seen. Like other weather scripts, IRC Weather can display the weather to the channel or private message through a text display. Unlike other weather scripts, it can also display weather through a GUI dialog.

The script comes in two ways. First, you can choose to download a standalone version that lets you view the weather on your own without a weather bot. Second, you can download a Server/User version that is set up for a bot to run. For more information on each version, view the version information listed below.

The downloads all include a CHM file with a list of features, installation information, and more. Please view it before asking questions.

NOTE: Version 1.22 now allows users to register their locations for easier access to their weather and forecasts.

NOTE: Version 1.23 improves the registration so that all places users search will use their settings for -si or -us without having to type those each time.

Server/User Version
* A bot will run the main script in the channel. All users in the channel can receive the text output from the bot without needing to have their own script. This is ideal for a channel’s ops to download.
* Users who wish to see the output in the GUI may download the User half of the script and will be able to view the weather that way through the channel's weather bot.
* This is the recommended version of the script.
DOWNLOAD Server Half
You should not run both scripts from the same mIRC client. You also must have a bot/person running the server half for the user half to work. (The User version should continue to work, but is no longer supported)

Standalone Version
* This version is for those who do not want to or cannot receive weather through a weather bot.
* It will do most of what the other version does, but no one can retrieve weather information except the person with the script.
DOWNLOAD (Not yet available)

Current Conditions5-Day Forecast

Weather History

Current Weather Text Output

Forecast Text Output

Expected features in next version(s):
* Radar image on GUI (possible addition)
* Context help on the GUI

To contact me for questions, connect to Undernet and join #OldGames. Speak to Riamus.